Amazon community seems to imply that I will never be successful as an author unless I write a ‘blog’ and also ‘Twitter.’ American best selling author Hugh Howey seems to agree “Social media has made the process so much quicker – if there’s a spark of interest, it suddenly turns into a fire.” Writers Forum Magazine also stresses the necessity, hence my dipping my toe into the social media pond.

 I’m a new author my book ‘Reflections of the old past’ a mystery crime drama has recently been published as an Amazon e-book. (“Always great to find a new author – this is such a warm read, the characters totally come to life and the history and local geography is fascinating. I especially like the crime thriller element! Can’t wait for the sequel. Amazon review). And naturally I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t want people to read it. So, I’m sure you understand that I want to take every opportunity to let people know that it is out there. Of course friends who have read it have: “loved it!, couldn’t put it down!” but, that maybe because they are friends for which I am very grateful. But I want those that don’t know me to join in the party as well. Don’t you think that reading a book is like going to a party? Enjoying the ambience, sizing up the other guests, who would you like to know better? Listening to the repartee and asides; enjoying the joke, wallowing in the decadence or squalor, taking sides, or cringing in fear of the sinister or embarrassment at the gauche. Haven’t we shared with her the mortification of Miss Elizabeth Bennet at the indiscretions of her mother or the petty snobbery of her cousin Mr. Collins.

 Whatever book you read you are being invited to join in the adventure, pageantry or romance whether it is, “The grapes of wrath” or “Harry Potter” you can go to any party, any place in the world and meet George Stevenson or Genghis Kane, Queen Mab or Boadicea and watch the interplay between characters who attract or repel you; laugh with them, cry with them, without breaking your heart but heightening your emotions and perceptions. It is a party that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated, hung over or guilty and afterwards you will meet others, immediate mutual friends, who have also joined the party, before you arrived or after you have left, who shared that eureka moment or heart-stopping climax, that first kiss or the long goodbye.