My fantasy has just become realityimages

I’m not sure if the saying is ‘Life imitating Art’ or’ Art imitating Life’ ** but my fantasy has just become reality with the hugely disruptive bust water main and sink hole in SE London over the last few days which has at times brought this part of south east London to a grinding halt and brought great difficulty to the lives of families and businesses.

In my novel  ‘Reflections of the old past’…AngelaMoor-ebook/dp/B00AOUWEAA      Just such an unexpected incident is one of the dramatic, tragic and sometimes comic events which shape the climax of the book.

If you are looking for a good holiday read please consider my book; it has received some good reviews.

Often when I write I wonder if I am stretching the bounds of reality but in this case I had to smile, please forgive me all of you who have been affected by the difficult reality in Lewisham.

 PS: Kindle have just informed me that my book has just sold in Japan please bear with me if I am slightly ‘chuffed’ with myself.

** Oscar Wilde and Aristotle disagree about ‘Life imitating Art’- anti-mimesis or ‘Art imitating Life’-  mimesis