creative-commons-creditOur dear friend and fellow blogger Keith has just let me know that there was another incident in SE London in the last few days.

‘Hi Angela,

You should have been at Bell Green (SE London) on Friday afternoon. The Gas Board where carrying out an emergency repair at the corner of Perry Hill and Perry Rise, Perry Rise was completely closed and Perry Hill was closed to northbound traffic. Traffic was diverted through Sainsbury’s car park and it was absolute chaos, shoppers were trying to leave at the same time and traffic was virtually at a standstill. Perry Rise is still closed here but Perry Hill is now open with traffic light control so it will remain congested for some time.

Anyway a good and timely blog. Congratulations in breaking into the Japanese market.’

Well that is amazing Keith thanks for letting me know because Bell Green is where the second incident occurs, in my novel , Reflections of the old past eBook: Angela Moor: Kindle …which runs parallel to the burst water main which leads to the denouement of the story.

Now I’m laughing, nervously, out loud this definitely is ‘Life Imitating Art’. In the novel there are three incidents running parallel, so there is only one other thing I’m waiting for to make a ‘hat-trick’ and confirm the adage trouble always comes in threes.

Japan how did it get to Japan??? equally amazed.

PS will get back to a normal blog (what ever that is) soon. I am desperately trying to upload my latest  novel ‘Red Sky at Dawning’ before Christmas.