Well here it is at last my new book, ‘Red Sky at Dawning: The Time Oak’, was published on New Year’s Eve on Amazon Kindle It’s been a struggle just to find the precious time to edit, proofread and polish every word and sentence. I’m sure every author must have the same crisis of confidence or that inner struggle to let their creation go.redsky3

Red Sky at Dawning tells the story of Christy, a pretty, intelligent teenager living in the village of Time in southern England. Totally immersed and involved in the village, she has a happy, enviable childhood. Her best friends are Phil, easy going and intelligent, and Don, equally intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive.

When Brett, clever, confident and handsome, the son of wealthy, successful parents, comes to live in Time he is out of his comfort zone. Brought up in South America he’s more worldly, older than his years and appears more mature than the village boys.

Though a close knit community, Brett still brings a rupture to the tempo of the village. He divides loyalties including Christy’s, and awakens in Phil a latent rivalry. Brett’s relaxed and undisciplined life before coming to the village makes him impatient with the steady rural pace and he defies the country lifestyle and pushes boundaries to the limit.

He makes no secret that he’s interested in Christy who, on the cusp of adolescence and womanhood, is attracted but feels vulnerable by the emotional turmoil of her relationship with Brett.

The summer break brings opportunity to hang out and have fun but this idyllic summer is brought to an abrupt end.

They were all changed that day, the course of their lives took another path, one they had not expected to walk or known where it would lead.



Must thank Ian my husband for his patience and encouragement, and he designed the cover, a big thankyou also to dear family and friends who have helped me along the way, proofreading and critiquing my work it is so appreciated.


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